vpresize VICTORY Principles: Leadership Lessons from D-Day by Colonel Leonard Kloeber, Jr.


What are the Victory Principles?

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Vision: A compelling vision of the future is the key to successful leadership. Leaders must convince their followers that they can take them to a better place. The vision provides hope for a better tomorrow and a roadmap on how to get there.

Innovation and Learning: Leaders encourage innovation and learning within their organizations. They learn and adapt. The experiment and encourage others to do the same. They support risking and do not punish failure for taking prudent risks. The periodically evaluate operations to share lessons learned using After Action Reviews (AARs).

Capabilities – People and Resources: It is the leader’s job to recruit the right people and gather the necessary resources for success. Every successful organization needs qualified people and the necessary tools to accomplish the mission. Leaders are the chief talent scouts for their organization.

Timely Decisions: Leaders must make timely decisions to move their organizations forward. Successful leaders often use a decision making model like the AIME model: Assess the situation; Implement a simple plan; Make it happen; Evaluate.

Organizational Values and Operating Principles: Leaders ground their organization with common values and operating principles. These serve as guideposts for people to act when necessary and make appropriate decisions. Operating principles and values define the culture of an organization.

Resilience: All successful leaders and their organizations demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity. The path to success is never easy and there are always obstacles along the way. Leaders carry the organization forward in the face of adversity, accomplish their mission, and achieve success.

Your Team: As a leader, you are responsible for everything your team does or fails to do. Leaders take care of their people. They make sure that they are trained to work together. They ensure that everyone knows their job, the team’s mission, and what is expected. Leaders hold people accountable.

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