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Victory Principles is NOW AVAILABLE for D-Day 70th Anniversary

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Victory Principles:  Leadership Lessons from D-Day

Learn from history. Colonel Leonard Kloeber, Jr. describes seven bedrock leadership principles illustrated by the historic events of June 6th 1944 when Allied forces landed on the Normandy coast of France to liberate Europe during World War II.

Colonel Kloeber recounts the story of one of the most complex military operations ever undertaken and then uses his extensive experience in both business and the military to illustrate seven essential leadership principles, the VICTORY PRINCIPLES.  Illustrated on the cover (Photo courtesy of the US National Archives), General Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander, speaks with the paratroopers of the US 101st Airborne Division just before they jumped into Normandy, France in the early morning hours of June 6th 1944. Their assault began the D-Day invasion of Nazi occupied Europe and opened the long awaited Western Front against the German army during World War II. In VICTORY PRINCIPLES, Kloeber describes how the Allied commanders planned and executed one of the most successful military campaigns in history without the benefit of modern technology. He explains how leaders at every level overcame great obstacles under extreme circumstances to accomplish their mission and achieve success on the battlefield. Kloeber then uses his experience from a thirty year career in the military and over twenty-five years as a corporate executive to relate the lessons learned from military history to contemporary business and personal leadership.


Victory Principles

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“Full Victory” Print Now at the Eisenhower Historical Site in Gettysburg, PA

"Full Victory" Print Donated to the Eisenhower Farm and Historical Site Gettysburg, PA

Author Leonard Kloeber and artist Julie Wildgen donated a copy of the “Full Victory” print of General Eisenhower visiting the 101 Airborne on the eve of D-Day to the Eisenhower Farm and Historical Site at Gettysburg, PA.  This is the retirement home of President Eisenhower which he built in 1955 and which is located adjacent to the Gettysburg battlefield.  Accepting the print on behalf of the US National Park Service which runs the site is National Park Service Ranger Carol Hegeman who is the also the chief historian for the site.    The print is now displayed in the headquarters building at the site.  The print was donated on behalf of the “America’s Vets,” a MN nonprofit corporation organized by Kloeber and Wildgen to support veterans memorials and organizations.  For more information about the Eisenhower Farm and this project download this press release:  Press Release Eisenhower Farm.  For information on how you can purchase a copy of the print in support of America’s Vets use the contact form by visiting the contact page on this site. (Photo courtesy of Tom Wildgen)

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