vpresize VICTORY Principles: Leadership Lessons from D-Day by Colonel Leonard Kloeber, Jr.


Why is leadership so important today?

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Why is leadership so important today?  This may seem like an obvious question when America is faced with significant challenges at home and abroad; however, in times of crisis, strong leadership is the decisive factor in driving the changes that are needed to get us to a better day.  In military terms, strong leadership is recognized as a “force multiplier” and can influence the outcome of the battle.  On the economy, international issues, and a host of domestic policies ranging from health care, education, and energy America needs strong leadership.  We need strong leadership not just at the top, but at every level.  We need leaders to step forward with creative ideas and new approaches.  Throughout our history, America has been fortunate to have leaders step forward to deal with formidable problems, just as the men and women of the “Greatest Generation” stepped forward to deal with the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II.  It was strong leadership then that got us through those tough challenges, and it will be a new generation of leaders today who will solve our nation’s current problems.  These new leaders can learn from history and apply bedrock leadership principles that will make a difference.  These are the principles that I call the “VICTORY Principles.” 

The word “VICTORY” is actually a simple way to remember each of these principles.  Each letter stands for one of the principles.  Future posts will describe each of these principles in more detail.  Check back and learn more about each of the principles and how you can apply them in your own leadership journey.

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May 6th, 2009 at 7:35 am

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